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Is A Raised Summer Garden Right For You

Is a Raised Summer Garden Right for You?

Raised gardens are becoming quite popular as more and more people are renting property or find themselves in high rise apartment buildings with little to no lawn space and equivalent less access to actual soil in which to plant the flowers and vegetables they crave to have with them. Qualified are actually entirely a few pros for using raised gardens as opposed to tilling the soil for those who wish to have smaller gardens and are pygmy on time in which to do so. At the same time, those who desire bigger yields are often dissatisfied with the judgment of raised gardens. The choice is ultimately yours but I will try to point out some of the pros and cons of this type of garden so that you may decide for yourself.

Soil compaction. Pants love to breath and that is often difficult when placed in garden rows as we hold quite a bit of difficulty avoiding all cool the possibility of stepping onto the tilled rows in which we have planted our fruits, vegetables, or plants in a traditional garden situation. By using a raised garden, which is designed to be worked from without rather than within, there is little fear of compacting the soil around the plants. At the same time many lifelong gardeners feel the inability to walk around in their gardens is a disadvantage in itself and prefer to be able to do so. This is repeatedly a matter of preference rather than practicality but a valid inequality just the same.

Numbers. You can actually plant more plants in the same amount of square footage in a raised bed over there is no need for rows. You should also be aware that plants in raised beds often tend to grow larger than plants in traditional garden rows. That being said you should resist the urge to over plant within the raised garden bed, as this will eliminate that slight benefit. Many traditional gardeners have seen the collision of overcrowding in these beds and feel that their way of doing this is much butter.

One huge benefit to raised beds for summer gardens in areas that are nearly saturated with supererogatory moisture is that raised beds allow much better drainage than traditional row gardening. This is one thing that the average gardener will not argue with unless he lives in an area in which this isn't much of a problem. Most gardeners in the south though, where there is a great deal of humidity and moisture will agree that proper drainage is a problem.

Raised beds are less back breaking. This is a huge benefit to those of us who are feeling the years creeping into our bones. By being above ground, raised gardens offer easier access for planting, weeding, planting, and investigating for signs of pests. Spare great being about raised gardens is that they are not as quick to cool as the earth, which renders them more productive and with longer growing seasons that most gardens that are placed in the principle.

For those who have unusually shaped yards or growing areas, raised gardens grant the opportunity to have a beautiful summer garden in almost any shape you can build the box for. This means you are not limited to rows, as many gardens tend to factor and that you have a few deeper options for aesthetics when planning further growing your summer garden.

The downside to raised summer gardens is that they are difficult to dismantle and nearly impossible to till. This means you must do all the working of the soil by hand and many gardeners undertake not fully appreciate the beauty of that process. The most front-page occurrence however, is that you assemble a summer garden system that business for you. You may find that combining the two provides the number one results and is a great use of your time or that you prefer unparalleled over the other. There really is no wrong answer only the one that is wrong for you.


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